Send feedback on Citrix Workspace app

The Send Feedback option allows you to inform Cloud Software Group about any issues that you might run into while using Citrix Workspace app. You can also send suggestions to help us improve your Citrix Workspace app experience.

This new feature enhances the feedback experience, ensuring a more efficient and informative communication channel between users and support teams.

The Send Feedback option includes an integrated log manager, empowering users to capture and include relevant logs for a comprehensive feedback report.

Also, the Send Feedback provides seamless communication by enabling users to send feedback emails directly using the default mail client installed on their system.

The supported email clients are the following:

  • Thunderbird
  • Evolution
  • Mutt
  • Alpine

To configure email address for send feedback, contact your administrator. For more information, see Send feedback.


By sending your feedback to Cloud Software Group, you agree your participation is in accordance with and subject to the Cloud software Group End User Agreement.

You can send feedback using any one of the following methods:

  1. Navigate to the Add Account screen.
  2. Click the hamburger menu.
  3. Click Send Feedback.

    Add account


  1. Click Send Feedback in the App indicator icon.

    App Indicator

  2. The Send Feedback screen appears.

    Send feedback

  3. Provide the issue Title.
  4. Add issue details in the Tell us more field.
  5. Click Capture my issue. The Citrix Log Collection Utility screen appears.

    Log collection utility

    Click Start capture and then reproduce the issue to collect the latest logs.


    Click Choose existing logs if you are not able to reproduce the issue.


    For more information on the Citrix Log Collection Utility, see Log Collection.

  6. Ensure that the log files are displayed next to Capture my issue.
  7. Click Choose Files and then add attachments that describe your issues such as screenshots or screen recordings.

    Submit feedback complete

  8. Click Send. The Feedback report screen appears.


    The .tar.gz file contains the log files, the issue description as test files, and the attachments.

  9. You can send the feedback report to Citrix using the following options:

    Click Send the feedback report using the default email app to use the default mail app in your system.


    Send the report manually to the provided email ID.


Ensure that the .zip file is attached in the email.

Send feedback on Citrix Workspace app

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