Manage sessions through Connection Center

Users can manage their active connections using the Connection Center. This feature is a useful productivity tool that enables users and administrators to troubleshoot slow or problematic connections. With Connection Center, users can manage connections by:

  • Closing an application.
  • Logging off a session. This step ends the session and closes any open applications.
  • Disconnecting from a session. This step cuts the selected connection to the server without closing any open applications (unless the server is configured to close applications on disconnection).
  • Viewing connection transport statistics.

Manage a connection

To manage a connection using the Connection Center:

  1. On the Citrix Workspace app menu, click Connection Center.

    Connection Center menu Or,

    Open the Connection Center using the following command line:


    Connection Center

    The servers that are used appear and active sessions are listed.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Select a server, disconnect or log off, or view its properties.
    • Select an application, close the window.

Manage sessions through Connection Center

The Citrix Connection Center displays all active connections established from Citrix Workspace app.

To disconnect from an unresponsive Citrix Virtual Apps session

Select the app in Connection Center and click Disconnect.

To close all active Citrix Virtual Apps sessions at once

Select the server in Connection Center and click Sign Out.

Manage sessions through Connection Center