Multi-monitor support

Each monitor in a multiple monitor configuration has its own resolution designed by its manufacturer. Monitors can have different resolutions and orientations during sessions.

Sessions can span multiple monitors in two ways:

  • Full screen mode, with multiple monitors shown inside the session; applications snap to monitors as they would locally.

    Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix DaaS: To display the Desktop Viewer window across any rectangular subset of monitors, resize the window across any part of those monitors and click Maximize.

  • Windowed mode, with one single monitor image for the session, applications do not snap to individual monitors.

Using Citrix Virtual Desktops on dual monitor:

  1. Select the Desktop Viewer and click the down arrow.
  2. Select Window.
  3. Drag the Citrix Virtual Desktops screen between the two monitors. Make sure that about half the screen is present in each monitor.
  4. From the Citrix Virtual Desktop toolbar, select Full-screen.

    The screen is now extended to both the monitors.

Multi-monitor support

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