The following options are listed under the Settings tab:

  • Manage accounts
    • Store settings
  • General
    • Display
    • Keyboard
    • Audio
    • Security token
    • TLS version
    • Citrix Casting
    • Service continuity
    • Advanced
  • Help & Support
  • Send feedback to Citrix
  • Help
  • Rate your experience
  • About

Manage accounts

Use the Manage accounts option both to view the list of configured store and to add a new store.


The following settings appear under the General tab.


Use the Screen resolution option to select the size of the resolution for the session display. The resolution set using this option is independent of the display settings set on your device. By default, the screen resolution is set to Fit screen.

Screen resolution

Select one of the following resolution options:

  • Match client DPI – Ensures that the DPI scaling setting present in a remote desktop matches your device’s DPI setting. In general, the display clarity depends not only on resolution but also on the density of the pixels (DPI). For more information, see DPI matching.
  • Match server – Indicates that the resolution as set in the server is used on the client, thereby, matching the server resolution.
  • Fit screen – The default option. The resolution is adjusted according to the size of the device display such as mobile, tab etc. Depending on where you are accessing the Workspace app from, the resolution is matched.
  • Optimize for high resolution – The resolution always aims for high resolution for better display.
  • Optimize for metro apps - This option allows the screen and the apps to look slightly larger.


The following screenshot lists the Keyboard options:


Predictive text

Select Predictive text option to enable suggestive words when typing in a text field.

Managing predictive text

The predictive text helps facilitate a better typing experience by suggesting words that you can type next. When you enable this feature during an app or desktop session, it’s possible for passwords to show up on the prediction ribbon. To control this behavior this feature is disabled by default.


  • On your device’s default keyboard settings, if the Predictive text option is disabled, you can’t use this feature even when you enable it through Citrix Workspace app for Android.
  • In a session, when the Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (CJK) input layout is set as a default on the GBoard keyboard, the English layout appears instead of the CJK layout. To view the CJK keyboard layout, go to app Settings > Keyboard and enable the Predictive text option. [CVADHELP-23667]

Extended Keyboard

Enables or disables Extended keyboard in a session.

Extended keys

Select Extended keys option to allow you to configure keys to perform a special task. For example, Alt + Ctrl + Function keys displays as part of the Extended keyboard.

Keyboard layout sync

Automatically synchronizes the keyboard layout of the VDA with that of the client device.

When the Keyboard layout sync is disabled, both the VDA-side (remote) IME and the client-side IME take effect depending on your device’s current input method. For example, if the client-side IME is in English and the VDA-side IME is in Japanese, the VDA-side IME (remote) takes effect.

When the Keyboard layout sync is enabled, the client-side IME takes precedence. If you change the input language at the client-side IME, the VDA-side IME changes accordingly. For example, if you change the client-side IME to Japanese, the VDA-side IME is changed to Japanese too. At the same time, Japanese IME on your client device is used during the session.

External keyboard input mode

You can select Scancode as the keyboard input mode while using an external physical keyboard. This feature is helpful when you use Android devices with an external Windows PC’s standard keyboard. Similar to using the Samsung DeX feature.

Select one of the following options:

  • Scancode - Sends the key position from the client-side keyboard to VDA and VDA generates the corresponding character. Applies server-side keyboard layout.

  • Unicode - Sends the key from the client-side keyboard to VDA and VDA generates the same character in VDA. Applies client-side keyboard layout.

For more information, see Scancode input mode for external keyboard.


If your IT administrator enables audio for mobile devices, you can listen to the audio from a meeting, training session, or webinar with applications in Citrix Workspace app.


This setting lets you listen only. Citrix Workspace app does not offer bi-directional audio.

Security token

You can enable the Security token on the client only if the configured store is RSA enabled.

On your device, before installing a software token, ensure that the date and time are correct, which is required for authentication to occur.

  1. On your device, open the email with the .sdtid file, which is the file extension for the token.
  2. Tap (or double tap) the file to run it and install the token.

After installing the software token, manage the account in Citrix Workspace app by tapping the Android icon and select Accounts.

  • Token serial number – Displays the serial number of the Security token.
  • Token expiration date – Displays the Security token expiry date.
  • RSA software token - Flag to enable or disable RSA token on the client.
  • Get passcode - Displays passcode.
  • Delete Token - Deletes the saved token from the client.

TLS version

Use this option to select the minimum version of TLS. By default, the TLS version on the client is set to Default. The other available options are:

  • TLS v1.1
  • TLS v1.2
  • TLS v1.3
  • NetScaler Compatibility Mode


Citrix Casting

Citrix Casting combines digital and physical environments to deliver apps and data within a secure smart space. The complete system connects devices (or things), like mobile apps and sensors, to create an intelligent and responsive environment.

Citrix Ready workspace hub enables Citrix Casting, which makes it possible to securely transfer your mobile session to a hub.

For more information, see Citrix Ready workspace hub.

Service continuity

Service continuity removes or minimizes dependence on the availability of components involved in the connection process. You can launch Citrix DaaS apps and desktops regardless of the cloud services health status. Service continuity allows users to connect to their DaaS apps and desktops during outages, as long as the user device maintains a network connection to a resource location.


Following options can be configured from the Advanced option:


  1. Ask before exiting – Citrix Workspace app displays a prompt to confirm your exit.
  2. Clipboard – This option lets you use the clipboard operations such as Cut, Copy, Paste in a session.
  3. EDT - Allows Citrix Workspace app to select Enlightened Data Transport (EDT) in preference to TCP whenever possible to optimize data transport.
  4. EDT Stack Parameters - Use this option to enable CustomMTU settings of EDT.
  5. Display orientation – This option allows you to select the orientation of the display based on the device position. By default, Automatic is selected. You can also set it to Portrait or Landscape mode.
  6. Keep display on – This option allows you to keep the display active without putting the screen to sleep.
  7. Certificate validation
  8. Allow legacy store access – Allows you to access the old versions of the store.
  9. Send usage statistics - This option gathers anonymous configuration, events, properties, and usage data from Citrix Workspace app. The data is then automatically sent to Citrix to help Citrix improve the quality, reliability, and performance of Workspace app. No user identifiable information is collected from the customer environment.


    Disabling this setting does not disable additional logging that your IT administrator might have enabled.

  10. Auto USB redirection - This option enables automatic redirection of arbitrary USB devices from client machine to the VDA.
  11. Disable network monitoring messages - This option disables the messages about network. These messages help monitor your network performance and make sure all resources are used optimally.
  12. Fullscreen Window - you can view the app session in full-screen mode.

Support for full-screen mode for app sessions

Previously, when you started an app session, you could view it in windowed mode.

Starting from the 23.9.5 version, Citrix Workspace app for Android introduces a new option to view the app session in full-screen mode. This feature is helpful when you:

  • start a session in full immersion mode with touch devices
  • try to duplicate the screen and cast it
  • view the Citrix Workspace app on a smaller screen.

To enable the option, go to Citrix Workspace app for Android Settings > Advance > Fullscreen Window and toggle on. The following screenshot displays the option:


Help & Support

Send feedback to Citrix

Tap Send feedback to Citrix option. Double tap the component or product you wish to submit feedback on.

The Report an issue page appears

Report an issue

Provide the required information and click Send to submit the feedback. You can also add screenshots.

Tap Log Options to help Citrix to troubleshoot, and, in cases of complicated issues, facilitate support.

Log options

In the Log Options dialog, you can:

  • Upload a log file
  • Set the priority
  • Clear log history
  • Reproduce the issue


Tap Help to open the User Help documentation.

Rate your experience

Tap Rate your experience to provide ratings on your experience with Citrix Workspace app.


Tap About to get details about Citrix Workspace app.