Learning gestures

In your Citrix Workspace app applications, use all the familiar Android gestures, including the tap, swipe, drag, and pinch. In addition, Citrix Workspace app includes multi-touch gestures for the screen.


With the Citrix Workspace app running, tap the icon from the toolbar, tap the Android icon, and select Gestures:

To do this: On Android, do this:
Single click One-finger tap
Right click Touch-hold-release
Open the on-screen keyboard Three-finger tap (or from the toolbar, tap Keyboard icon)
Zoom Pinch in and out (or from the toolbar, tap Magnifier icon)
Drag Touch, hold, and slide
Enable cursor Two-finger tap

To close the Gestures guide, tap the screen or back arrow.

Accessing recent apps by long-press gesture

You can access a list of recently launched apps and desktops for quick access when you use the long-press gesture on the Citrix Workspace app icon.


Learning gestures