Session toolbar

The session toolbar appears when you launch an app or a desktop session. The toolbar is designed to allow you to use the most commonly used actions using the shortcut icons.

The session toolbar has the following options:

  • Home: Home icon Tap the home icon to close the session and to return to the Citrix Workspace app home screen.

  • USB: USB icon Tap to open the USB devices dialog box. The dialog box lists the devices that can be redirected to the session. To redirect the USB devices, select an appropriate device and tap Connect.


  • You can view the USB icon only if your IT administrator provides access to connect USB devices through policy settings.
  • Keyboard: Keyboard icon Tap the keyboard icon to show or hide the device’s soft keyboard. This icon is a toggle key.

  • Pointer: Pointer icon Tap the arrow icon to use it like a mouse. This icon is a toggle key.

  • Magnifying glass: Magnifying glass Tap the magnify icon to magnify and point to a specific area.

  • Pan: Pan mode Tap to move around the screen easily.

  • Scroll mode: Scroll mode Tap to scroll the page.

  • Multi-touch: pinch and zoom Tap to pinch and zoom, scroll, and use multi finger gestures in the session.

  • Hand: Gesture mode Tap to view the various gestures.

    For more information, see Learning gestures help documentation for Citrix Workspace app for Android.

  • App switch: app switch Tap to switch between many published apps that are in the same session. For more information, see App Switch product documentation.

  • X: Exit mode Tap to exit the session.


When in Immersive mode, the session toolbar appears differently although the functionality is the same.

Session toolbar

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