Use swipe actions

In Secure Mail, when you swipe an email either left or right, you get more options. You can swipe left, long swipe left, or swipe right.


This feature is available for iOS and Android.

Depending on what folder you’re in, swiping an email reveals different options. You then tap an option to perform an action.

The following table lists the options depending on the folder and the kind of swipe you make.

Folders Left swipe Long left swipe Right swipe
Inbox, Sent, Delete Delete; Flag or Unflag; More Delete Mark as Read or Unread
Drafts Delete; Flag or Unflag Delete Mark as Read or Unread
Outbox Delete; Resend or Cancel Delete No Action
Server Results Forward; Reply and Reply All Reply and Reply All No Action

Image of the swipe action on Android

You swipe right to perform the Mark action.

The following sections provide more information about each menu item.

More option

The More menu shows the following options:

  • Reply
  • Reply All
  • Forward
  • Move
  • Cancel

Image of the More menu on Android

Flag option

The Flag option allows you to mark the email for faster reference. You can also use this option to clear the status of a previously flagged email.

Delete option

The Delete option allows you to delete the selected email.

Image of the Delete option on Android

You can also delete an email by long swiping the email item toward the left.

Image of the left long swipe on Android

In both delete scenarios, the Undo button appears for a few seconds so you can reverse the action.

Image of the Undo button on Android

You can delete multiple emails by long pressing an email item and then selecting the emails that you want to delete.

Mark option

The Mark option allows you to mark an email as read or unread. This swipe gesture lets you toggle between Read and Unread options.

Image of the Mark option on Android

Use swipe actions