Set colors for synchronized Secure Mail calendars

The Secure Mail calendar shows all events that relate to synchronized mail accounts on your device. You can set colors for individual accounts to differentiate calendar events.


This feature is available for iOS and Android.

To set colors for calendar events

  1. Tap the Calendar icon in the footer bar and then tap the ellipses icon. The Calendar screen displays all the configured accounts.
  2. Tap the default color displayed on the right of an Exchange account. The Colors screen displays the available colors for that account.
  3. Select a color and then tap Save.
  4. To return to the previous screen, tap Cancel. The selected color is set for all calendar events that apply to that Exchange account.

Image of the calendar color options

Image of the colored accounts

Image of the calendar with colors

When you create a calendar invitation or event, the Organizer field auto-populates with the email address of the default account. To change the mail account, tap this email address and select another account.

Image of the organizer field

Image of the organizer selection


When you exit and then open Secure Mail, the app restores the last configured calendar settings on your device.

Set colors for synchronized Secure Mail calendars