Secure SaaS app with embedded browser

Citrix Workspace app includes an embedded browser to launch the SaaS apps.


  • In workspace for web, SaaS apps are launched only in the default browser as set on the client and not in the Citrix Workspace browser.
  • The user experience between an ICA session app and a secure SaaS app might vary.

The embedded browser supports operations such as:

  • Toolbar
  • Clipboard
  • Print
  • Download
  • Watermark

These operations are applied in Citrix Workspace app as defined in the policy configuration on the Citrix Secure Workspace Access.

Launching an app


To be able to launch a SaaS app, your administrator must have configured the app in the policy configuration in the Citrix Secure Workspace Access. For more information, see the Citrix Secure Workspace Access section in the Citrix Product documentation. The changes made to the policy configuration are applied after you restart the SaaS app session.

To launch a SaaS app, perform the following steps:

You must configure Citrix Workspace app with the Citrix Cloud Store URL that is SaaS entitled.

  1. Log on to Citrix Workspace app with your domain user credentials. The configured SaaS apps are displayed.
  2. Click the app icon to launch it.
  3. The app is launched and the you are signed-in to the app automatically if single sign-on is enabled.
Secure SaaS app with embedded browser