Display your devices in the Desktop Viewer

Desktop Viewer is the toolbar that is displayed on top of a session. For more information on how to view Desktop Viewer, see Change how desktops look and work.

Citrix Workspace app for Windows detects the devices that are connected to your computer. It also allows you to choose the devices you want to use with your hosted desktop and applications.


Desktop Viewer is enabled by default. Contact your administrator if you are not able to view the Desktop Viewer.

  • You can use the settings in Preferences > Connections to customize whether you want devices, such as microphone and webcams, to connect to your virtual apps and desktops session.
  • Device list displays the devices connected to the local machine in Preferences > Devices.
  • If you’ve connected a device and you can’t see it in the Device list, click Refresh.
  • Once connected, the devices display as Optimized, Policy Restricted, or Generic.
Device Description
Optimized The device has a Citrix virtual channel and is automatically available in both the remote session and the local machine at the same time. The Current Connection column for optimized devices shows that the device is connected in both the local machine and the remote session. The Redirect check box is selected and can’t be edited. You can toggle between Optimized and Generic using the Switch to button in the Virtual Channel column. For example, select Switch to Generic if the virtual channel does not support the full functionality of the device.
Generic The device does not have a Citrix virtual channel and can’t be used on the local machine and the remote session at the same time. Select the Redirect check box to toggle the availability of the device between the remote session and the local machine. You can see the current connection status in the Current Connection column.
Policy Restricted The administrator has set a policy to restrict this type of device. For example, USB mice and keyboards are usually policy restricted by default because their behavior is handled automatically in the remote session without USB support. Other devices, such as network devices, might be restricted for security reasons. The Current Connection column for Policy Restricted devices shows Local machine only.
Display your devices in the Desktop Viewer

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