Generic client Input Method Editors (IME)

Generic client IME requires VDA Version 7.13 or later.

Configure generic client IME using the GUI

Enable the generic client IME feature by enabling keyboard layout synchronization.

Citrix Workspace app for Windows allows you to configure different options to use generic client IME. You can select from one these options based on your requirements and usage.

  1. In an active Citrix Virtual Apps session, right-click the Citrix Workspace app icon in the notification area and select Connection Center.
  2. Select Preferences and click Local IME.

The following options are available to support different IME modes:

  1. Enable Server IME – Select this option to disable local IME. Only the languages set on the server can be used.
  2. Set Local IME to High Performance mode – Select this option to use local IME with limited bandwidth. This option restricts the candidate window functionality.
  3. Set Local IME to Best Experience mode – Select this option to use local IME for the best user experience. This option consumes high bandwidth. By default, this option is selected when generic client IME is enabled.

The change in settings is applied only in the current session.

Generic client Input Method Editors (IME)