General settings

You can use general settings to customize the Citrix Workspace app for app access across devices, menu bar, auto start, high DPI, passwords, and file download location.

You can access the General settings in the following ways:

  • On the Citrix Workspace app home page, go to Account > Accounts and click General.
  • From the quick access menu of Citrix Workspace app, click the Preferences icon Preferences and then click General.
  • For the virtual desktop session, go to Show toolbar > Preferences icon Preferences and click General.
  • For the seamless app session, go to Citrix viewer > Preferences in the menu bar and click General.

General Settings

App access across devices

You can enable or disable apps to reconnect automatically when you sign in, start, or refresh across devices.

To reconnect apps when you sign in to Citrix Workspace app, select Reconnect apps when I sign in to Workspace.

To reconnect apps when you start or refresh apps, select Reconnect apps when I start or refresh apps.

You can customize how the Citrix Workspace app must appear in the menu bar.

To show Citrix Workspace app in the menu bar, select Show Workspace in menu bar.

To show the quick access menu for StoreFront, select Show Quick Acess for Storefront experience.


You can enable or disable auto start of Citrix Workspace app on system startup.

To enable auto start of Citrix Workspace app, select Start Workspace on system startup.

High DPI

Citrix Workspace app supports high DPI monitors with resolution greater than 4k. The text, images, and other graphical elements appear in a size that can be viewed comfortably on these high-resolution monitors for the desktop and app sessions.

To enable high DPI scaling, select Enable and match client DPI scale settings. Restart the application for the changes to take effect.


You can delete the passwords saved at Workspace sign-in.

To delete the saved passwords, click Delete Passwords… and then click Delete in the resulting dialog.

File download location

You can choose the folder location to save the downloaded files from your applications.

To choose the file download location on your computer, browse and select the folder from the File download location drop-down menu.

General settings