HDX USB device redirection enables redirection of USB devices to and from a user device. A user can connect a flash drive to a local computer and access it remotely from a virtual desktop or a desktop hosted application.

You can access the Devices settings in the following ways:

  • On the Citrix Workspace app home page, go to Account > Accounts and click Devices.
  • From the quick access menu of Citrix Workspace app, click the Preferences icon Preferences and then click Devices.
  • For the virtual desktop session, go to Show toolbar > Preferences icon Preferences and click Devices.
  • For the seamless app session, go to Citrix viewer > Preferences in the menu bar and click Devices.


To use USB redirection:

  1. Connect the USB device to the device where Citrix Workspace app for Mac is installed.

  2. You are prompted to select the available USB devices on your local system.

    USB redirect screen

  3. Select the device that you want to connect and click Connect. If the connection fails, an error message appears.

  4. On the Devices tab, the connected USB device is listed in the USB panel.

    USB settings

  5. Select the type of virtual channel (Generic or Optimized) for the USB device.

  6. On successful USB detection, the Click to connect the USB device to your session message is displayed on the upper-left of the screen.

    USB redirect notice


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