How to check app’s version

To know which version of Citrix Workspace app for Android you’re using, do the following:

  1. Open Citrix Workspace app.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Scroll down and tap About.

    App version

How to upgrade to the latest version

To upgrade the Citrix Workspace app to the latest version manually, do the following:

  1. Open Play Store.
  2. Search for Citrix Workspace.

    If an update is available, tap Update.

Update the app automatically

By default, apps are updated automatically when the following conditions are met:

  • The device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • The device is charging.
  • The device is idle (not actively used).
  • The Citrix Workspace app isn’t running in the foreground.


The Google Play Store checks for app updates once a day. So, it can take up to 24 hours before an app update is added to the update queue. After an app is added to the queue, it will be automatically updated the next time when the conditions are fulfilled.

How to reset Citrix Workspace app

To reset the app, you can do one of the following:

  • Clear the Citrix Workspace app storage data. Go to Android device Settings > Apps > select Citrix Workspace app > Storage > Clear Cache.


  • Uninstall Citrix Workspace app and install the latest Citrix Workspace app for Android from Google Play that has the latest fix.


Deleting existing accounts from Citrix Workspace app resets the account and not Citrix Workspace app itself.

How to collect logs

To collect logs, follow these steps.

  1. Tap Settings.


  2. Under Help and Support, tap Send feedback to Citrix (Includes logs).

    Send feedback

  3. Tap Workspace.


  4. Under Report an issue, tap Log Options.

    Log options

  5. Then, tap Level.


  6. Select Low, Medium, or Verbose level. (Default level is low for basic activity tracking. Modify the level only if recommended by your help desk).

    Low to verbose

How to provide feedback

You can send us feedback about Citrix Workspace app for Android and report issues using the same interface. To send feedback:

  1. Tap Settings > Send feedback to Citrix > Workspace.

    The Report an issue dialog appears.

    Report an issue

  2. Using the Report an issue page, you can:

  • Request help from Support
  • Report an issue
  • Send issue logs


To provide feedback on EAR, request for enhancements, or access technical preview features, see the Troubleshoot section in the product documentation.

Common issues and troubleshooting tips

Application unavailable in app store

If you’re unable to use Google Play Store to install Citrix Workspace app for Android, as an alternative, you can download the app from the Citrix Downloads page.

Installation failures

When Citrix Workspace app isn’t supported by default on Android TV, reach out to us through enhancement requests.

Authentication and store addition

If you observe issues about authentication or store addition, check for the following.

Invalid input

You might have entered:

  • invalid credentials
  • incorrect store URL
  • typos while entering the credentials and the store URL
  • HTTP instead of HTTPS.

Web Interface mode

You can also try to use Web Interface mode. On the first page of the app, tap Get started. On the Welcome page, enter the store URL and enable Add acount type as Web Interface.

Web interface

Smart card

If the smart card authentication isn’t working, install the baiMobile Credentials app. If the baiMobile Credentials app detects your smart card, contact us to look into the issue further.

baiMobile Credentials

NetScaler policy configurations

To troubleshoot connection issues, see the NetScaler Gateway for mobile devices Knowledge Center article.

Session launch

To view session statistics:

  • from the session toolbar, tap the mouse pointer icon four times


  • run ctxsession -v command in session terminal.

Failed to launch desktop

If you’re having trouble starting the virtual desktop, you might find helpful information in these Knowledge Center articles:

Permissions to access peripherals

Enable proper setting permissions.

Client Selective Trust

Enable settings for Microphone, Location, and Camera. Go to Citrix Workspace app Settings > Store settings and enable CST settings for a selected store.


Enable mouse pointer

After you start a session, tap on the toolbar and tap the mouse pointer icon to enable the mouse pointer.

Mouse pointer icon

Enable Keyboard

If your organization’s administrator hasn’t enabled the automatic keyboard display feature by default, contact your organization’s administrator for further assistance.

Adminstrators must enable the Automatic keyboard display policy in the DDC setting.

Automatic keyboard policy


  • How to improve the virtual app and virtual desktop’s video user experience for low-powered devices or mobile devices?

  • Accessing Resources - I can’t see my apps or desktops after signing into Citrix Workspace app?

    • Contact your company’s help desk or your IT Support team administrator for further assistance.
  • How to troubleshoot slow connections?

    • Follow the workaround if you experience any of the following issues:

    • slow connections to the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops site
    • missing application icons
    • recurring Protocol Driver Error messages


    • Disable Citrix PV Ethernet Adapter properties for the network interface on the:

    • Citrix Virtual Apps server
    • Citrix Secure Web Gateway
    • Web Interface server

    • The Citrix PV Ethernet Adapter properties include (all enabled by default):

    • Large Send Offload
    • Offload IP Checksum
    • Offload TCP Checksum
    • Offload UDP Checksum

    No server restart is needed. This workaround applies to the Windows Server 2003 and 2008 32-bit. This issue does not affect the Windows Server 2008 R2.

  • Issue with Numeric keys and special characters

    • If the numeric keys or Chinese IME characters do not work properly, disable the Unicode Keyboard option. To do so, go to Settings > Keyboard Options > and set Use Unicode Keyboard to disabled.

Error codes

The following table gives you the list of error codes and a probable solution:

Error code Knowledge Center article
Error code 437
Error code 41E
Error code 546 or 547
Error code 518
Error code 42B
Error code 548
Incorrect server address + Error code 548
Error code 451
General error
Try connecting again Disable the UDP option. Go to app Settings > Advance > EDT

Errors and description

The following table gives you the list of errors and description. The probable solution is to contact Citrix Technical support for further assistance:

Error Description
SessionManager.Launch.EngineLoadFailed The ICA Engine failed to load/initialize.
SessionManager.Launch.ConnectionFailed The ICA Engine terminated before connecting.
SessionManager.Launch.LogonFailed Session disconnected without completing login
SessionManager.LeaseResolution.Failed Unable to attempt lease launch.
SessionManager.clxmtp.SoftDeny Engine CLXMTP negotiation failed (soft deny).
SessionManager.clxmtp.SoftDeny_Implicit Engine CLXMTP connection failed (implicit soft deny).
Transport.Connect.NoCGP_Fail Failed to connect (CGP disabled).
Transport.Connect.FallbackFail Failed to connect, tried the ICA fallback.
Transport.Connect.Fail Connection is unavailable.