Settings menu

The following options are available in the Settings menu.



Sign Out - Signs you out of your Citrix Files account. Cached files are deleted.

Launch on Startup - Allows the application to start automatically after starting Windows.

Reset app - Allows you to reset the application to the original default settings.

Citrix Files Drive


Drive Location - Allows you to select a drive letter for your Citrix Files account. Default is “S.”

Drive Space - Files made available offline take up space on your local device. Use the Free Up Space option to remove files that are stored locally.


For more information on file status, see Icon overlays.

Conflict Resolution


This setting allows you to select a file conflict option.

  • Prompt Always: Prompts you to review the conflicted files.
  • Overwrite: This option overwrites the existing file with an updated file.
  • Discard: Discards the changes being made to the existing file.


    We recommend you save a copy of an uploaded file to ensure you don’t lose the file changes.

  • Save a Copy: This option creates a copy of the conflicted file so both files remain.
Settings menu