How to use Citrix SSO app from your macOS device

Install the Citrix SSO app from your App Store. First-time users must create a connection to Citrix Gateway by adding the server. Existing users can connect to an existing connection or add a new connection, and edit existing connections as well. You can also view the logs and take appropriate actions accordingly.

First-time user experience

After you install the Citrix SSO app and open the app for the first time, the following screen appears.

First time userscreen

Enter the Citrix Gateway base URL and click Connect.

A popup message appears. Click Allow to enable adding a connection. This message appears only the first time. For subsequent new connections, this message does not appear.

Enable adding connection for the first time

Note: To log out from Citrix SSO, it is recommended that you first click Log Off in the app and then quit the app from the dock. Do not use the Quit option from the dock.

Log out from the SSO app

Connect to Citrix Gateway

After adding the first connection, for subsequent connections, you can either connect to an existing Citrix Gateway or add a connection.

Add a connection

Enter the base URL (for example, and name for the VPN connection.

Add a new connection

Connect to existing Citrix Gateway

Select an existing connection and provide authentication credentials for your server and select Logon.

Connect to an existing connection

Modify an existing connection

You can modify or delete an existing connection.

Click configuration tab

Click edit icon to modify configuration

Modify the connection details as required.

Modify the configuration

Send logs

Capturing debug logs is a critical part of troubleshooting or reporting issues to Citrix Support.

  • Click Open Logs to view logs.
  • Click Export Logs to export the logs to your local directory.
  • Click Clear Logs to delete older logs.

Click Logs tab

Open export or clear logs

How to use Citrix SSO app from your macOS device

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