Inside apps and desktops

After an app or desktop launches, you can navigate it using touch or with the Citrix X1 Mouse.

The toolbar allows you to access many more functions within Citrix Workspace app.

To display the toolbar:

  • On an iPad, tap the arrow at the top of the screen.
  • On an iPhone, tap the screen and a small grid appears near the bottom of the screen. Tap the grid to display the toolbar.

To return to your home screen, tap Home within a running app or desktop. Your app or desktop will still be running in the background.

To get back to your running app or desktop:

  • On an iPad, tap the app icon and then tap Open.
  • On an iPhone, tap the icon and the app or desktop launches again.

You can also start a second app or desktop in the same session. On the toolbar, tap Home and then select the second app or desktop.

On an iPad, you can add a Bluetooth device by tapping Pair.


The Bluetooth device you want to add to your session must already be paired to the iPad.

Tapping Arrow Keys displays a virtual arrow key overlay that lets you navigate an app or desktop. Tapping the Back arrow on the overlay hides the arrow keys.

A floating keyboard is accessible by tapping Keyboard. You can also bring up the keyboard by using three fingers to tap the screen.

Instead of using touch, you can also use a mouse-style pointer. Tap Pointer to access it.

To magnify a small area inside an app or desktop on an iPad, tap Magnifier to zoom in. You can drag across the area to magnify. To disable, tap Magnifier again.

In an app that supports a mouse, tap Mouse on the toolbar to use a virtual floating mouse. The pointer above the mouse has focus. If you don’t use it for a while, the mouse shrinks. To use it again, tap the floating mouse. To close the mouse and use touch within your session, tap Mouse again. To zoom in and out of an app or desktop using the mouse, use the mouse pointer. Tap the magnifying glass icon on the mouse twice. To undo, tap twice again.


You might have to manually bring up the keyboard when the mouse is enabled.

To move between many open apps on an iPad, tap Switch to see all running apps and move between them. Swipe left to see one of your running apps. Swipe left and then right to see all your running apps. When the list of running apps appears, swipe up on the window of the running app to close the app.


A dialog with instructions to move between multiple open apps appears when you first launch an app or desktop on an iPad. You can choose to have this dialog appear every time you launch an app or desktop. You can as well hide it from subsequent launches.


While using apps or desktops, you can use all the familiar iOS gestures to navigate, such as pinch-to-zoom. You can also use the in-session toolbar options. Use tap-and-hold on a scrollbar within a document to scroll up and down within that document. Tap, hold, and release to use right-click functions within apps and desktops.

Split View

Citrix Workspace app supports Split View multitasking. It also supports copy and paste between open apps using Split View.


Citrix Workspace app for iOS supports widgets on devices running iOS 10 or later. Your widget appears on the widget page. The item displayed on the widget is your last accessed app or desktop.

External sharing of webpages

You can share the webpages you open from Citrix Workspace app for iOS with others. You can:

  • copy a link from within a web view
  • directly open a webpage in Safari
  • send links directly to people or apps

To do this, tap on the icon on the top right of the webview or long tap on any link within the webview. Then tap the option you need.

Inside apps and desktops