Citrix Secure Access for iOS devices

Citrix Secure Access for iOS provides the best in-class application access and data protection solution offered by NetScaler Gateway. You can now securely access business critical applications, virtual desktops, and corporate data from anywhere at any time.

Citrix Secure Access app provides complete Mobile Device Management (MDM) support on iOS. With an MDM server, an admin can now remotely configure and manage device level VPN profiles and per-app VPN profiles.


  • Starting from release 23.11.1, Citrix SSO for iOS is renamed to Citrix Secure Access. We are updating our documentation and the UI screenshots to reflect this name change.

  • For administrator-specific instructions on Citrix SSO for iOS, see Citrix SSO for iOS and Citrix Secure Access for macOS.

Citrix Secure Access for iOS devices

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