Create a client

Create an external client with limited access to shared folders.

Requirements to create an external (client) user

  • An Employee user.
  • The Manage client users permission.
  • Changing an external (client) email address or deleting an external (client) user from the system both require the Manage employee users permission.

To create an external client user, navigate to People > Manage Users Home or Browse Clients in ShareFile. Use the Create Client button to begin creating a user.

Client user basic info

Enter your user’s email address, first name, last name, and company. If you want to add more users, click Add another. By default, new external (client) users are prompted to create a password when they sign in to Citrix Workspace for the first time.

You can assign folders to your user, and add the user to distribution groups. You can also copy folder permissions from an existing user to your new one. Using the Copy Folder Access option copies only folder permissions, not account permissions.

Client users notify

You can send a welcome email to your new user or do so later. This email includes a link to activate their new account.

Create a client